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Knowledge Hub

UK Construction Parts would like to help you get the information you need to keep your machines running, as part of this we are now launching our Knowledge Hub.  If there is something you would like to learn about please let us know and we will post it here for all to see.  Today we mention pins and bushes every digger requires new pins and bushes at some point in its life with these two diagrams you can easy identify what item location you need to replace. just contact us with model number and location we can do the rest #pinandbushdiagrams  01787 320313


Rubber Tracks Versus Rubber Pads

As a market leading supplier of spare parts for excavators to the plant hire and construction industry, we often get asked by customers as to the benefits of rubber tracks versus rubber pads.

More and more manufacturers are offering their diggers on Steel tracks and rubber pads rather than on rubber tracks which is the more traditional option.  This is particularly the case on excavators from 7 ton upwards.

Rubber tracked excavators first made their debut in the early 80’s and became popular due to their compact size and adaptability.  As machines became more popular, the rubber track industry was also developed. Buy your rubber tracks here

Early rubber tracks were made in a long length, then the ends were overlapped and joined.  This initially caused issues with the rubber track pulling apart under extreme tension.

More recent advances have led to the tracks being manufactured as a continuous loop (Sometimes known as Jointless Track Technology or J-track), which eliminated the risk of the tracks pulling apart. Our latest designed rubber tracks also encompass smooth ride technology bringing you upto date with modern advances.

Some advantages to consider

Some of the benefits of machines fitted with rubber tracks are as follows:

  • Relative low cost
  • Quick to change
  • Lighter weight for situations where weight is a constraint
  • Smoother tracking, particularly on smaller excavators

Some of the disadvantages of rubber tracks are as follows:

  • Once a rubber track snaps, it cannot be repaired like a steel track can
  • Rubber tracks can be difficult to dispose of due to environmental legislation

Some benefits of rubber pads

  • Steel tracks with Rubber pads can last longer than rubber tracks on larger machines
  • Rubber pads can be fitted to bigger machines to offer the option to track on finished surfaces
  • purchase your rubber pads here

Delivery Fraud

Scam warning!!!

With covid 19 happening we have found more of an increase in online ordering for delivery. Scammers have now court onto this new trend and now aiming their scams in this direction.

One of the more prominent #phishing scams involves fake email messages or text messages pretending to be from the Royal Mail, DPD or other delivery providers. The message may indicate that a courier has tried to deliver a parcel. It then asks you to reschedule the delivery by clicking a link to a fake website, and to settle an outstanding delivery fee. This is a smart scam, as the email uses various techniques to try and obtain your personal information.

Please be very vigilant against scams, Somethings to consider is:

  • Are you expecting a delivery? If not, then question why you would receive this email/ Text.
  • Would you expect the delivery company to know and contact you via your email address or phone number?

If you are expecting a delivery, Contact the sender to check first before clicking any link or providing any personal information.

Here at UK Construction Parts deliveries to the UK do not incur extra charges for re-delivery from the delivery company.

Supply Chain

Supply delays ,  is this too much demand, Brexit or Covid 19 ?

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has said that high demand for construction products is likely to continue for at least the rest of this year, and that construction sector companies “should not expect any improvement” when it comes to supply chain issues over the coming months.

A statement from the co-chairs of CLC’s Product Availability working group, said that even though demand for construction products is not as high as was in the summer – mostly due to “softening in residential DIY and repair, maintenance and improvement projects” – the market is still extremely strong and is expected to remain so for the rest of 2021.

“While product supply has improved in some areas, several critical challenges remain, particularly around logistics and related labour shortages, and rising product and input costs,” the CLC said.

“The shortage of HGV drivers remains the most critical issue across the board, cited by many as a key risk involving not only late deliveries but hiring, retention and wage inflation.”

In addition to the HGV driver situation, for which no improvement is expected until at least the first quarter of next year, the delivery of raw materials, products and components are also continuing to be affected by global shipping issues.

“Some UK ports also continue to struggle, with their problems exacerbated by the shortage of HGV drivers causing further delays in moving products from the ships onto the road network. These issues, both global and domestic, are expected to continue well into 2022,” said the CLC.

There are also warnings that high gas and electricity costs and associated carbon costs, which are impacting both UK and overseas ‘heavy-side’ manufacturers, will soon lead to significant price increases across the board

The CLC, which works with the construction firms and the government to identify and deliver actions to support the UK construction industry, is also expecting the price of cement – and consequently concrete products – to rise as a result of the increased energy costs.

The supply chain issues and raw material shortages are also anticipated to impact the supply of paint and coatings products, increasing both lead times and prices.

In light of the ongoing supply chain issues,  UK Construction parts will still do everything we can to ensure you get the parts you need to get back up and running as soon as possible need it now check out plant spares online for 24/7 ordering

shipping – delivery

We try our best to ensure that all your deliveries get to you as promptly as possible but it seems at every turn these days there are barriers put in our way !

currently we have reported issues in the following areas / couriers

Tuffnells – Somerset , delays due to covid at several depots

APC  -staff shortages and delays in the following  postcode areas: SW /  W1 ~ 14 / WC / E /  N / CF  / ME / TN / EX / OL / NE / SG

Potential Disruption at French Ports ( IMPORT AND EXPORT 

Over the last few days, the news headlines have been focusing on the UK / French political relationship and the threat of possible disruption this may cause. 

It is possible that your shipments to or from France may be affected by French action at short notice. Any action would also have an affect on goods transiting France to or from Europe.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will issue updates as and when we have positive information of any action being taken. We do ask however, that you bear in mind the possible French action locking ports to UK ships, possible disruption via the channel tunnel and increasing checks by French Customs on shipments travelling inbetween the UK and France for exports and imports.

We intend to continue with our normal departure schedule. However, transit times and vehicle availability may be elongated if French action is implemented.

Sorry we hope to have better news soon



Perkins parts UK

So if you are lucky enough to be in the USA ..

Engine manufacturer Perkins said it is equipping rental company technicians with a new tool designed to enable them to more confidently identify and service Perkins-powered machines in their fleets through a major overhaul of its web-based Rental Support Portal.

“As engine technologies continue to grow in complexity, the support of engine manufacturers is critical in helping rental companies increase uptime and lower fleet maintenance costs,” said Corey Berry, rental sales and marketing manager for Perkins. “We’ve restructured and updated our Rental Support Portal to provide technicians with streamlined access and expanded resources, that keeps equipment on rent and ultimately, helps to improve return on investments.”

The newly updated site provides easy and quick access to Perkins Vision – a series of step-by-step instructional videos for technicians – as well as basic engine maintenance guides, complex diagnostic procedures, exclusive technical information, and numerous training modules. Free for rental technicians enrolled in the Perkins Rental Support Program, the website has been upgraded to be easily viewed and navigated on almost any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, smart tablet, or desktop computer.

The Perkins Rental Support Portal offers rental-specific training in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, as well as numerous online service training courses on specific Perkins tools, product support systems and engine model lines, while enabling direct warranty submissions.

The newly updated website also provides engine-specific manuals through a serial number lookup, as well as a detailed guide to the Electronic Service Tool (EST), which provides vital engine health and performance analytics.

Additionally, the Perkins Rental Support Portal provides technicians with extensive troubleshooting guides, service and parts manuals and a service parts lookup that helps to maintain and repair Perkins engines used in any application.

But if your unlucky enough to be here in the UK , Perkins online store is closed , Perkins parts direct from Perkins delays could be a few days could be weeks or even months. So if you need Perkins engine parts why not try us.

UK Construction parts Ltd

or to check price and availability now DIGGERSPARES.CO.UK



HC Cargo digger electrical spare parts

Holger Christiansen (1927-2002) laid the foundation for the HC-CARGO success story in 1963 in its first premises in Esbjerg, Denmark.  HC Cargo  now supply construction , Commercial truck and car markets with a large range of electrical products.

During the first 10 years the company relocated several times to bigger locations as the growing business demanded more space. In 1973 Holger Christiansen A/S moved to Hedelundvej in Esbjerg, where it is still located today.

In 1985, HC-CARGO established their first sales subsidiary in Nottingham, England. In the following years, several new subsidiaries were founded all over the world.

Our newest subsidiary in Madrid, Spain, opened in 2016, bringing the total number of European subsidiaries to 7 .

Yanmar celebrates 50 years of tracked dumpers

Yanmar are now celebrating 50 years of track dumper manufacturing, now we have been appointed an official  UK Yanmar dealer we are pleased to offer the full range of  ~ Yanmar Spare Parts.

The original carrier used the undercarriage of a Yanmar rubber crawler combine harvester, adding a cargo box to enable it to transport materials on soft ground. Created in 1971, the YFW500D was officially the world’s first tracked carrier. The pioneering model was the first in a long line of quality products from Yanmar, each of which were developed to meet specific market needs.

Yanmar, a global leader in compact construction equipment, is marking its 50th anniversary celebration by renewing the company’s commitment to developing high-performance products and solutions that offer premium reliability and value for customers. Through Yanmar’s contributions to urban development, including housing construction and infrastructure development, the company aims to build a society where everyone can live with peace of mind.

Slew ring or swing bearing maintenance

UK Construction Parts can help if you are in need of a new swing slew bearing.  But did you know more than 90 percent of slewing ring failures can be avoided if machine owners simply perform a few simple maintenance tips?  Some of the suggestions may seem like common sense but its worth taking a look.

Grease regularly : Apply a lot of extreme-pressure grease to the fittings around the bearing where the machine’s service manual instructs you to.

Purge with grease : Pump grease into the bearing until you see old grease squeeze past the seal. This will help push debris out of the bearing.

Inspect the grease : Rub some of the purged grease. If you see or feel grit or metal chips in it, you may have a bearing problem.

Do not overload :  Do not push your loads over the limit.  A depression of even 1/1000 on the swing bearing will eventually end up causing failure.

Avoid repetitive, heavy loads : Lifting with the boom and undercarriage in the same position can put a dimple in the bearing race close to the uneven load.  If possible, change the angle as often as possible.

Predict failure and repair the bearing : If the turning torque of the bearing increases substantially, or if you notice a clicking or grinding noise when rotating, grease the unit and have some of the purged lubricant analysed for metal debris.

Play can indicate a problem and will show up as a lack of stiffness in the extended boom. Free play magnified over the length of the boom allows it to rock back and forth under load. Check bearing clearance with a dial indicator that measures how much the structure tilts when the boom is loaded.

No matter how much you inspect your swing bearing, it’s eventually going to wear out.  However, maintaining the part could be the difference between getting yours rebuilt or spending the money on a new one.  When it is time to replace your swing bearing, give UK Construction Parts a call.  We have high quality branded swing bearings in available for prices way less than what you will pay for a new Genuine swing  bearing.