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Excavator Hydraulic Pumps

We can now offer a large selection of hydraulic pumps for many mini diggers and excavators

Case CX210
Case CX210B
Cat 320
Halla HE130LC
Halla HE280LC
Hyundai R130LC-3
Hyundai R1400LC-7
Hyundai R140LC-7
Hyundai R160LC-3
Hyundai R210LC-3
Hyundai R210LC-7
Hyundai R250LC-7A
Hyundai R250NLC-3
Hyundai R250NLC-7
Hyundai R290LC-7A
Hyundai R305LC-7
Hyundai R320LC-3
Hyundai R320LC-7
Kobelco SK200 MARK lll
Kobelco SK200-3
Kobelco SK200LC-6
Kobelco SK200LC-6E
Kobelco SK200LC-8
Kobelco SK210
Kobelco SK210LC-6
Kobelco SK210LC-6E
Kobelco SK210LC-6E
Kobelco SK210LC-8
Kobelco SK210LC-8
Kobelco SK230-6E
Kobelco SK230LC-6
Kobelco SK230LC-6E
Kobelco SK250-6E
Kobelco SK250LC-6E
Kobelco SK250LC-8
Kobelco SK250NLC-6
Kobelco SK260LC-8
Kobelco SK290LC-6E
New Holland E265,
New Holland E265B
New holland E305
New Holland E305B
samsung MX292LC
Samsung SE210
Samsung SE210LC-3
Samsung SE240
Samsung SE240-3
Samsung SE240-3
Samsung SE350-2
Volvo EC140
Volvo EC140B
Volvo EC210
Volvo EC210B
Volvo EC210B
Volvo EC210BLC
Volvo EC210C
Volvo EC210C
Volvo EC240BLC
Volvo EC240C
Volvo EC240LC
Volvo EC290
Volvo EC290B
Volvo EC290BLC
Volvo EC360LC
Volvo MX132LC
Volvo MX135
Volvo MX225
Volvo MX295

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Today’s top selling items

Some parts we have already sold today

  • Hitachi EX120-5 idler assy
  • Zx30 final drive
  • 531/03205 531/03208 531/03209 JCB style bucket teeth
  • KX41-3 tipping links and bucket links
  • Js130 engine stop solenoid
  • 180x72x40 rubber track
  • Ex60-2 ignition switch
  • KX36-3 idler K008-3 bottom rollers
  • Hyundai 55-3 rubber tracks 400×72.5×76
  • 332/J5060 stop solenoid JS160
  • 7411334 water pump EB22
  • Hitachi EX60-3 Hydraulic oil cooler

Some of the parts inquiries we have been able to help this week


  • Zx70 lower front kick pane LC4457161
  • Some JCB replacement parts 714/40216 459/10259 714/20300 714/18100 15/920208 320/08562 320/09280 320/09287 320/09244 320/09211 320/03114 320/09205
  • Rubber tracks 400×72.5×72 wide guage size 300×52.5×72 and 400×72.5×76
  • Some U35-3 rubber tracks
  • EC20B stop solenoid Volvo
  • Airman AX29U top rollers
  • Atlas SB100 breaker point
  • Atlas copco TEX250 breaker point
  • Selection of filters BF5587-D BT267 P775373 P776830 581/18063
  • Rubber tracks 180x72x37 Kobelco SK007-3
  • JLA0369 final drive
  • 05/903830 drive parts
  • ZX30 bucket ram seal kit
  • 8060 JCB final drives
  • SX3000 handbrake cable
  • Volvo EC15B sprockets suitable for 72 pitch tracks ( could be 96 version also )
  • GM06VN-B-15-27-5 final drive
  • 2005 B25V idler assy
  • Case CK62 top roller
  • JS130 sprockets , idlers and top rollers
  • 860SE fermec cab glass
  • TB016 filter kit
  • KX71-3 filters
  • Kubota K008-3 alternator
  • LS286 idler assy




Cat Spare Parts

Some recent CAT spare inquiries     Please find below prices as











Delivery 3-4 days for the genuine parts


1748209 – replaced by

1 x 2476935 switch

1 x 2379615 bracket

1 x 5W2005 housing

1 x 5W4957 housing

4 x 5W1987 terminal

4 x 3S2093  tie


new after market 2071560


1354926 water pump


Please find below quotation as requested

1 x 1R1808 oil filter  donaldson

1 x 1R0751 fuel filter

1 x 1335673water sep

1 x 1327167 air prim

1 x 6I2510  air secondry


1 x 1052508 pump

1 x 1838403 pump

1 x 1838445 rotator grp

1 x 1981508 pump


4 x 2151234 pad

CAT 432E

3300427 latch

3300428 latch

1485353 seal  per cm

1594269 gas spring

1950189 lamp

1950190 lamp

2344329 lamp

1.4 is 1.5&1.6


1644858 cap

2868866 glass

2868867 glass

2868870 latch

2868871 latch


1721681 seal

Eyeshadow-still checking


7×7700 cap


Cat 320

1 x 2941781 serpentine belt

1 x 2552927 air con belt

Cat 318

1 x 2175420  belt set


0861781 cap

1 x 2605317 kit

1 x 1140755 brg

1 x 2860113 kit

1 x 1140753 brg

1 x 1247009(2605317)

1 x 1140755 brg

1 x 2605319 kit

1 x 1148836 brg








3155394 support

2 x 3311521 bearings (frame)

1 x 3260089 pin (frame)

1 x 3863778 pin (boom)

2 x 9R8291 spacer

Been a Great Week

Been a great week we have managed to help loads of people with their inquiries – can we help you  ?

A few of the more interesting inquiries from this week .

We can offer  –

1 x 02931158 Conv. Kit


offer me spare parts for engine Kubota V1305, head gasket 16271-03310 exhaust gasket  16299-12360 inlet gasket 16241-11820


We are looking for final drive gp for following machine;


serial nr:  SLP080701E0883154


Starter motor  –  1068558

Ignition switch – 1107887

Key                –  5P8500

Alternator       –  1779953


We can offer the following:

1x           Case CX135 Top Rollers

1x           Case CX135 Bottom Rollers

1x           Case CX135 Idler


Please make sure this is an SE210-1 machine.  The SE210-1 has a 171 pitch track and the later SE210-2 onwards has a 190 pitch track.

We can offer the following:

2x           Samsung SE210-1 Sprockets  23T/16H


Could you check if this machine is actually a ZX200-3 and not the ZX200 listed.  The sprocket part number is for a Dash 3 machine.

The track bolt hole should be M18 (which we haven’t got) but then can also be M20, could you confirm this before we quote anything?

As you see always trying to get the right parts first time


We can offer the following:

2x           Takeuchi TB1140 Track Chains 44 Links

352x      Takeuchi TB1140 Track Pad Nuts & Bolts

2x           Takeuchi TB1140 Sprockets 21T/16 Holes

With ID of 380mm

With ID of 356mm


We can offer the following:

10x           Case CX130 Bottom Rollers


We can offer the following:

1x           Hitachi ZX350 Top Roller                (small block 4 bolt fixing)

1x           Hitachi ZX350-3 Top Roller            (big block 4 bolt fixing)


If you can confirm that these track have 40 links and bolt centre’s of 73mm x 89mm we can offer the following: Roadliner pads

80 x        CAT 308 Rubber Road Liner Pads 450mm

320x      CAT 308 Track Pad Nuts & Bolts


We can offer the following:

2x           JCB JS160 Sprocket 21T / 16H – 350ID


Based on your information we can offer the following:

2x           Komatsu PC78 Track Chains 39 Links

2x           Komatsu PC78 Top Rollers

10x         Komatsu PC78 Bottom Rollers Inner-flange

Or           10x         Komatsu PC78 Bottom Rollers Outer-flange


JS150 :   Repair Link Kit

Top Roller

Bottom Roller


JS200 :   Repair Link Kit

Top Roller

Bottom Roller


CAT312:Repair Link Kit

Top Roller

Bottom Roller