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Mini digger and excavator Idlers

New larger selection of idler assy available from UK Construction Parts Ltd

UC/ID1S100 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio17 EXC IDLER ASSY 772448-37100
UC/ID1S101 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio20 EXC IDLER ASSY 772456-37100
UC/ID1S102 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio27/30/35-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX032Z1E 172458.37100
UC/ID1S104 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC35MR-2/3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX028Z2E 20T-30-00103
UC/ID1S108 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 305 EXC IDLER ASSY UX050C0E 240-6304
UC/ID1S120 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX161-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX050Z1E RD411-22303
UC/ID1S124 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX30 EXC IDLER ASSY UX031H0E 9101919
UC/ID1S125 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX71-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX032Z0E RD101-21300
UC/ID1S126 Idler Assy W/Brkts IHI IS30 EXC IDLER ASSY UX041Z3E
UC/ID1S127 Idler Assy W/Brkts IHI IS40 EXC IDLER ASSY UX051Z0E
UC/ID1S129 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX15 EXC IDLER ASSY UX024Z0E 9134478
UC/ID1S130 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX121-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX040Z3E RC118.21300
UC/ID1S132 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio45/55-5 EXC IDLER ASSY UX040E2E 772460-37100
UC/ID1S133 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC45MR EXC IDLER ASSY UX038K1E 20T-30-00120
UC/ID1S137 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 307C/308 EXC IDLER ASSY UX043C0E 1156336
UC/ID1S146 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX91-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX030Z0E RC411.21306
UC/ID1S147 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC18MR-2 EXC IDLER ASSY UX025K3E 20M.30.81300
UC/ID1S159 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio75 EXC IDLER ASSY UX043Z0E 772478.37100
UC/ID1S160 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK30/35SR-3 EXC IDLER ASSY PX52D00029F1
UC/ID1S161 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK45/50SR-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX041Z1E PY52D00015F1
UC/ID1S162 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK75UR EXC IDLER ASSY UX043B0E YT52D00002F1
UC/ID1S170 Idler Assy CAT 301.8 / Takeuchi TB016 EXC IDLER ASSY UX025Z1F 04214-01200
UC/ID1S172 Idler Assy W/Brkts Bobcat 430G / 328 EXC IDLER ASSY UX030Z6E 6814880
UC/ID2S112 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 320 EXC IDLER ASSY UX085C0E 1028151
UC/ID2S140 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 311/312 EXC IDLER ASSY UX068C0E 4I7337 CR7209
UC/ID2S149 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC200-7 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084K4E 20Y.30.00320
UC/ID2S153 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC120-6 EXC IDLER ASSY UX052K0E 203.30.00130 KM2795
UC/ID2S154 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX120-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX068H0E 71401403
UC/ID2S156 Idler Assy W/Brkts Sumitomo SH200 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084R0E KRA0946
UC/ID2S157 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK120 EXC IDLER ASSY UX058B0E 24100N6369F1 YY52D00007F1
UC/ID2S163 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi ZX200-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084H1E 9089384
UC/ID2S167 Idler Assy W/Brkts Sumitomo SH125X EXC IDLER ASSY UX070T4E KMA1265


Undercarriage parts

Bobcat E19

Track roller 7136983(681511) – 12pcs.

Sprocket 7148525(6816203) – 2pcs.

Idler 7265760 – 2pcs.


Bobcat E35

Track roller 7013575(6693489) – 12pcs.

Sprocket 7199006(7142235) – 2pcs.

Top roller 7020867(6692966) – 2pcs.

Idler – 2pcs.


Volvo EC18

Track roller VOE11806141 – 12pcs.

Sprocket VOE11802601 – 2pcs.

Idler – 2pcs.


Kubota KX61-3

Track roller RB511-21702 – 12pcs.

Top roller RD411-22950 – 2pcs.

Sprocket – 2pcs.

Idler RC348-21302 – 2pcs.