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Ignition switch / starter switch

Ignition switch / starter switches with keys for a large range of make and model plant and machines. Excavator’s , Mini diggers , Dumpers. This includes JCB ignitions , Lucas Ignitions , Kubota start switch , Hitachi and many more all with comparative prices.

We understand the importance of keeping down time to a minimum so we have many ignition switches in stock for next working day delivery.

You can find more info at Plant spares online , Our online shop open 24/ 7. If you can not find what you are looking for you can contact us via are online contact form or alternatively give us a call on 01787 320313 Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm or Friday 8am to 4.30pm.

mini digger bottom rollers / mini excavator

Quality replacement bottom rollers , Mini digger rollers. To fit a wide range of different machines , makes and model’s.

Our comprehensive range , Including bottom or track rollers are made from a high quality , State  of the art parts to maximise there wear resistance.

We have  Jcb , Hitachi , Airman , Komatsu and lots more in are current range. You will find more info on are uk construction parts / Plant spares online

If you can not find what your looking for on are online web shop open 24 hours a day then please contact us via phone , Email or via are online contact form, Providing us with your make and model of your machine.

mini digger fuel caps / Excavator fuel caps

Mini digger fuel filler caps, Quality replacement parts. To fit many machines including JCB  3cx   , Hitachi ZX EX range , Kubota , Kobelco , Sumitomo , Doosan , Takeuchi  TB175 ,  Dumper’s and Bomag.

All makes and models uk construction parts / Plant spares online

Fuel cap , Filler cap , Lockable fuel cap , diesel caps

If you can not find what your looking for on are online web shop open 24 hours a day then please contact us via phone , email or via are online contact form, Providing us with your make and model of your machine.


Stop Solenoids

Here at UK Construction Parts we can offer lots of Stop Solenoids for a variety of makes and models of machines. For an example of what we can offer please use the link below to view our website.

Stop Solenoids

Mini digger top rollers excavator upper roller

UK Construction parts Ltd have added even more digger upper rollers to the ever expanding range

UC/TR1A105 Top Roller Komatsu PC20-7 EXC Top Roller UH100Z0D 20N-30-71200
UC/TR1A106 Top Roller KOMATSU PC40MR-2 30mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH100Z1D 20T-30-00150
UC/TR1A107 Top Roller Kobelco SK35SR 25mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH100Z2D PW64D01017F1
UC/TR1A108 Top Roller Kobelco SK45SR 34mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH102B0D 24100N6291F2
UC/TR1A110 Top Roller Komatsu PC60-7 EXC Top Roller UH103Z0D 20T.30.00051
UC/TR1A112 Top Roller Hitachi EX40 30mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH110Z0D 4392416
UC/TR1A116 Top Roller Yanmar Vio55 35mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH122Z0D 172187.3750
UC/TR1A124 Top Roller IHI IS30 EXC Top Roller F3000500
UC/TR1A126 Top Roller CAT 305CCR EXC Top Roller UH120C0D 2657674
UC/TR1A149 Top Roller IHI 45NX EXC Top Roller UH120Z0D
UC/TR2A119 Top Roller Kobelco SK100/120 EXC Top Roller UH130B0D YY64D01005F1
UC/TR2A121 Top Roller Komatsu PC120-2/-6 EXC Top Roller UH123K0G 203.30.00230
UC/TR2A122 Top Roller CAT 320 EXC Top Roller UH082C0B 8E5600
UC/TR2A128 Top Roller CAT 312B EXC Top Roller UH070C1B 4I7345 CR7214
UC/TR2A142 Top Roller Kobelco SK250-6 EXC Top Roller UH084B1B YN64D01022F1
UC/TR2A148 Top Roller Yanmar SV100 EXC Top Roller UH150V0D 172499-37500
UC/TR2B139 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-7 EXC Top Roller UH084K0A 20Y.30.07200 KM3542
UC/TR2B140 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-8 EXC Top Roller UH086K0B 20Y.30.00481 KM4182
UC/TR2B144 Top Roller Sumitomo SH120-5 EXC Top Roller UH072T0A
UC/TR2B146 Top Roller Hitachi ZX200 EXC Top Roller UH084H1A 9134245
UC/TR2B147 Top Roller Hitachi EX200 EXC Top Roller UH084H0A 9089636
UC/TR2B150 Top Roller Sumitomo SH210 EXC Top Roller UH085T0A KRA1267
UC/TR2M130 Top Roller Sumitomo SH120 EXC Top Roller UH068T0A KNA0625
UC/TR2M134 Top Roller Hitachi EX120 EXC Top Roller UH070H0A 9092400
UC/TR2S131 Top Roller Kobelco SK200-3 EXC Top Roller UH084B0B 24100N5946F2
UC/TR2S138 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-5 EXC Top Roller UH082K2B 205.30.00043



Undercarriage parts

Bobcat E19

Track roller 7136983(681511) – 12pcs.

Sprocket 7148525(6816203) – 2pcs.

Idler 7265760 – 2pcs.


Bobcat E35

Track roller 7013575(6693489) – 12pcs.

Sprocket 7199006(7142235) – 2pcs.

Top roller 7020867(6692966) – 2pcs.

Idler – 2pcs.


Volvo EC18

Track roller VOE11806141 – 12pcs.

Sprocket VOE11802601 – 2pcs.

Idler – 2pcs.


Kubota KX61-3

Track roller RB511-21702 – 12pcs.

Top roller RD411-22950 – 2pcs.

Sprocket – 2pcs.

Idler RC348-21302 – 2pcs.