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Mini Digger Rollers, Idlers and Sprockets

Here at UK Construction Parts we can source an extensive range of quality Rollers, Idlers and Sprockets to fit a variety of makes and models of machines. To see some of what we can offer please visit our plant spares online website using the links below.

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Mini digger sprockets excavator sprocket UK dealer

larger range of digger sprockets now available for UK and worldwide supply

UC/SP1B102 Sprocket Komatsu PC12R / Hitachi EX15 9H 19T 140IDEXC SPROCKET UR090Z119 20M.27.48111
UC/SP1B103 Sprocket Kubota KX41-2 8H 19T 140ID EXC SPROCKET UR090Z319 68191.14430
UC/SP1B121 Sprocket CAT 301.5 9H 19T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR090Z619 1394304
UC/SP1B132 Sprocket Kobelco SK17SR 9H 19T 140ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR090Z219 PE53D00001P1
UC/SP1B176 Sprocket Yanmar Vio20 9H 160ID 23T EXC SPROCKET UR090Z023 172173.29100
UC/SP1C105 Sprocket Kubota KX71 9H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101V223 20N.27.41510 R14300A0M01
UC/SP1C110 Sprocket Yanmar Vio30 9H 21T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z121 172141.29110
UC/SP1C111 Sprocket Kobelco SK35SR-5 9H 23T 204ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z223 20P.27.71110 PX51D01001P1
UC/SP1C145 Sprocket Hitachi ZX35U 9+3H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR102Z123 20N.27.71115 1032265
UC/SP1C175 Sprocket Yanmar Vio27 9+3H 21T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR101V221 172457-29100
UC/SP1C192 Sprocket Kobelco SK20SR 9+3H 19T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR101B019 PV51D01002P1
UC/SP1C198 Sprocket CAT 303 9H 21T 204ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR101C021 1721965
UC/SP1C202 Sprocket IHI 35N 9H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z123 6011536M1
UC/SP1D127 Sprocket Kobelco SK50SR-3 12H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z619 PY51D01002P1
UC/SP1D146 Sprocket IHI 55N 12H 21T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR135E321 423451000
UC/SP1D149 Sprocket Komatsu PC50MR-2 12H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135K019 22M.27.11110
UC/SP1D150 Sprocket Hitachi EX40 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z519 1013768
UC/SP1D151 Sprocket Daewoo SL55V 12H 21T 250ID EXC SPROCKET UR135R021 2108.1025S 14507728
UC/SP1D152 Sprocket Komatsu PC50UU-2 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z019 20T.27.71110
UC/SP1D153 Sprocket Takeuchi TB045 9H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z319 2404N270 S02616.03100
UC/SP1D154 Sprocket CAT 304CR 9H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z419 1584795
UC/SP1D161 Sprocket Kubota KX161-3 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z519 RD411.14430
UC/SP1D179 Sprocket Yanmar Vio50 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z219 172119-35012
UC/SP1E115 Sprocket Kobelco SK75UR 12H 21T 265ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR154B021 2404N267
UC/SP1E139 Sprocket Komatsu PC78MR-6 14H 19T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR154K019 21W-27-41110
UC/SP1E156 Sprocket CAT 307C 12H 21T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR154K021 21W.27.11110 KM3158
UC/SP1E178 Sprocket Komatsu PC75UU-3 12H 19T 265 EXC SPROCKET UR154Z019 21W.27.31110
UC/SP1E182 Sprocket Hitachi EX60-5 12H 21T 330ID EXC SPROCKET UR154H021 1024217
UC/SP2F128 Sprocket Kobelco SK125SR 18H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171J021 YY51D01006P1
UC/SP2F135 Sprocket Hitachi EX135UR 15H 21T 383ID EXC SPROCKET UR171H121 1028207
UC/SP2F157 Sprocket Kobelco SK100 15H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171B021 2404N271
UC/SP2F158 Sprocket CAT 311 15H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171C02 KNA0826 4I7472
UC/SP2G144 Sprocket Komatsu PC138US 15 H 21T 360ID EXC SPROCKET 22B.27.111.20
UC/SP2G181 Sprocket Komatsu PC100-5 15 H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR175K121 203-27-61310
UC/SP2H117 Sprocket Hitachi EX200-3 16H 21T 419ID EXC SPROCKET UR190H221 1018740
UC/SP2H119 Sprocket Daewoo SL225LC-V 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190E621 108.00017
UC/SP2H120 Sprocket Hyundai R210-7 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190E521 81EM.10010
UC/SP2H126 Sprocket Kobelco SK250-6 26H 21T 410ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B221 YN51D01002P1
UC/SP2H129 Sprocket Hitachi ZX200 18H 21T 419ID EXC SPROCKET UR190H421 1033091
UC/SP2H130 Sprocket Kobelco SK260LC-8 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B321
UC/SP2H160 Sprocket Kobelco SK200-3 22H 21T 410ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B021 2404N262
UC/SP2H180 Sprocket CAT 315 22H 21T 365ID EXC SPROCKET UR190C121 CR5606
UC/SP2H183 Sprocket Komatsu PC200-3 20H 21T 475ID EXC SPROCKET UR190K121 205.27.71281
UC/SP2H184 Sprocket Komatsu PC200-5/6 20H 21T 475ID EXC SPROCKET UR190K221 20Y.27.11580digger_sprocket_uk