Mini excavator bottom rollers digger lower track rollers

UK Construction Parts are now covering all major manufactures with their range of lower track rollers for mini diggers and excavators

UC/BR1C102 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt Komatsu PC18MR EXC Track Roller UF023Z2C 20M-30-81703
UC/BR1C109 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt Hitachi EX30 / PC30MR EXC Track Roller UF030Z0C 9106668 20N-30-71707
UC/BR1C112 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt Kobelco SK50SR-3 EXC Track Roller UF040Z8C PY64D00008F1
UC/BR1C113 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt Komatsu PC50MR-2 EXC Track Roller UF037Z0C 20T-30-00173
UC/BR1C118 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt EX40 EXC Track Roller UF053Z1C 4357785
UC/BR1C146 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt R/T Bobcat X320 EXC Track Roller UF028Z3C 2907695.5527640009
UC/BR1C154 Track Roller I/F 4 Bolt Hitachi ZX70 EXC Track Roller UF045H0C 9182805
UC/BR1C157 Track Roller I/F 2 Stud R/T Bobcat X331 EXC Track Roller UF030Z2C 01003.00060
UC/BR1C159 Track Roller I/F 2 Stud R/T Bobcat 435 EXC Track Roller UF050Z5C 6627724
UC/BR1C168 Track Roller I/F 4 Bolt Komatsu PC78MR EXC Track Roller UF043K0B KM1690 201.30.00313
UC/BR1C188 Track Roller I/F 2 Bolt IHI 35NX EXC Track Roller UF040V0C F30022300
UC/BR1O119 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kobelco SK15SR EXC Track Roller UF062Z0A PE64D00004F1UC/BR1O121 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Yanmar Vio30 EXC Track Roller UF075Z1A 772450.37300
UC/BR1O122 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Yanmar Vio20 EXC Track Roller UF061Z0A 172179.373
UC/BR1O127 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Yanmar Vio40 early EXC Track Roller UF085Z1A 772164.37300
UC/BR1O128 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Yanmar Vio50 EXC Track Roller UF089Z0A 772147.37305
UC/BR1O144 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Kobelco SK70SR EXC Track Roller UF105Z1A LE64D00001F1
UC/BR1O158 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Yanmar Vio15 EXC Track Roller UF058Z0A 772448.37300
UC/BR1O160 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kubota KX91-3 EXC Track Roller UF082Z0A RC417.21700
UC/BR1O161 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kobelco SK35SR-2 EXC Track Roller UF090Z3A PW64D00010F2 PW64D00010F1
UC/BR1O162 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kubota KX121-3 EXC Track Roller UF090Z6A RD118.21700
UC/BR1O165 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kubota KX161-3 EXC Track Roller UF106Z0A RD411.21703
UC/BR1O215 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt CAT 308 DF EXC Track Roller UF106C0E 1273806 1R6316
UC/BR1O216 Track Roller D/F 2 Bolt Takeuchi TB016 EXC Track Roller UG066Z0A 03313.06100
UC/BR1O219 Track Roller O/F 2 Bolt Kubota KX41-3V EXC Track Roller RA231-21700
UC/BR2O171 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Komatsu PC120-6 EXC Track Roller UF123K0E 203-30-00140
UC/BR2O172 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Hitachi EX120 EXC Track Roller UF146H0E 9092522
UC/BR2O174 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Sumitomo SH200-3 EXC Track Roller UF173R1E KRA10360
UC/BR2O177 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Kobelco SK200-5 EXC Track Roller UF173B2E 24100N8009F2
UC/BR2O191 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt CAT 312 EXC Track Roller UF148C0E 4I7346 CR5108
UC/BR2O194 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt CAT 320 EXC Track Roller UF176C0E 8E5034 1175045
UC/BR2O196 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Hitachi EX200 EXC Track Roller UF172H1E 9114681
UC/BR2O198 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Komatsu PC200-6 EXC Track Roller UF173K1E 20Y.30.00011
UC/BR2O200 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Hyundai R210-9 EXC Track Roller
UC/BR2O203 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Kobelco SK120 EXC Track Roller UF132B0E 24100N4042F2
UC/BR2O206 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Sumitomo SH125 EXC Track Roller UF142R0E KNA0693
UC/BR2O207 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt Hyundai R210-7 EXC Track Roller UF173T0E 04313.00500
UC/BR2O213 Track Roller O/F 4 Bolt CAT 322 EXC Track Roller UF176C1E 6I9396





Mini digger top rollers excavator upper roller

UK Construction parts Ltd have added even more digger upper rollers to the ever expanding range

UC/TR1A105 Top Roller Komatsu PC20-7 EXC Top Roller UH100Z0D 20N-30-71200
UC/TR1A106 Top Roller KOMATSU PC40MR-2 30mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH100Z1D 20T-30-00150
UC/TR1A107 Top Roller Kobelco SK35SR 25mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH100Z2D PW64D01017F1
UC/TR1A108 Top Roller Kobelco SK45SR 34mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH102B0D 24100N6291F2
UC/TR1A110 Top Roller Komatsu PC60-7 EXC Top Roller UH103Z0D 20T.30.00051
UC/TR1A112 Top Roller Hitachi EX40 30mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH110Z0D 4392416
UC/TR1A116 Top Roller Yanmar Vio55 35mm Shaft EXC Top Roller UH122Z0D 172187.3750
UC/TR1A124 Top Roller IHI IS30 EXC Top Roller F3000500
UC/TR1A126 Top Roller CAT 305CCR EXC Top Roller UH120C0D 2657674
UC/TR1A149 Top Roller IHI 45NX EXC Top Roller UH120Z0D
UC/TR2A119 Top Roller Kobelco SK100/120 EXC Top Roller UH130B0D YY64D01005F1
UC/TR2A121 Top Roller Komatsu PC120-2/-6 EXC Top Roller UH123K0G 203.30.00230
UC/TR2A122 Top Roller CAT 320 EXC Top Roller UH082C0B 8E5600
UC/TR2A128 Top Roller CAT 312B EXC Top Roller UH070C1B 4I7345 CR7214
UC/TR2A142 Top Roller Kobelco SK250-6 EXC Top Roller UH084B1B YN64D01022F1
UC/TR2A148 Top Roller Yanmar SV100 EXC Top Roller UH150V0D 172499-37500
UC/TR2B139 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-7 EXC Top Roller UH084K0A 20Y.30.07200 KM3542
UC/TR2B140 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-8 EXC Top Roller UH086K0B 20Y.30.00481 KM4182
UC/TR2B144 Top Roller Sumitomo SH120-5 EXC Top Roller UH072T0A
UC/TR2B146 Top Roller Hitachi ZX200 EXC Top Roller UH084H1A 9134245
UC/TR2B147 Top Roller Hitachi EX200 EXC Top Roller UH084H0A 9089636
UC/TR2B150 Top Roller Sumitomo SH210 EXC Top Roller UH085T0A KRA1267
UC/TR2M130 Top Roller Sumitomo SH120 EXC Top Roller UH068T0A KNA0625
UC/TR2M134 Top Roller Hitachi EX120 EXC Top Roller UH070H0A 9092400
UC/TR2S131 Top Roller Kobelco SK200-3 EXC Top Roller UH084B0B 24100N5946F2
UC/TR2S138 Top Roller Komatsu PC200-5 EXC Top Roller UH082K2B 205.30.00043



Mini digger sprockets excavator sprocket UK dealer

larger range of digger sprockets now available for UK and worldwide supply

UC/SP1B102 Sprocket Komatsu PC12R / Hitachi EX15 9H 19T 140IDEXC SPROCKET UR090Z119 20M.27.48111
UC/SP1B103 Sprocket Kubota KX41-2 8H 19T 140ID EXC SPROCKET UR090Z319 68191.14430
UC/SP1B121 Sprocket CAT 301.5 9H 19T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR090Z619 1394304
UC/SP1B132 Sprocket Kobelco SK17SR 9H 19T 140ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR090Z219 PE53D00001P1
UC/SP1B176 Sprocket Yanmar Vio20 9H 160ID 23T EXC SPROCKET UR090Z023 172173.29100
UC/SP1C105 Sprocket Kubota KX71 9H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101V223 20N.27.41510 R14300A0M01
UC/SP1C110 Sprocket Yanmar Vio30 9H 21T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z121 172141.29110
UC/SP1C111 Sprocket Kobelco SK35SR-5 9H 23T 204ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z223 20P.27.71110 PX51D01001P1
UC/SP1C145 Sprocket Hitachi ZX35U 9+3H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR102Z123 20N.27.71115 1032265
UC/SP1C175 Sprocket Yanmar Vio27 9+3H 21T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR101V221 172457-29100
UC/SP1C192 Sprocket Kobelco SK20SR 9+3H 19T 160ID EXC SPROCKET UR101B019 PV51D01002P1
UC/SP1C198 Sprocket CAT 303 9H 21T 204ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR101C021 1721965
UC/SP1C202 Sprocket IHI 35N 9H 23T 190ID EXC SPROCKET UR101Z123 6011536M1
UC/SP1D127 Sprocket Kobelco SK50SR-3 12H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z619 PY51D01002P1
UC/SP1D146 Sprocket IHI 55N 12H 21T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR135E321 423451000
UC/SP1D149 Sprocket Komatsu PC50MR-2 12H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135K019 22M.27.11110
UC/SP1D150 Sprocket Hitachi EX40 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z519 1013768
UC/SP1D151 Sprocket Daewoo SL55V 12H 21T 250ID EXC SPROCKET UR135R021 2108.1025S 14507728
UC/SP1D152 Sprocket Komatsu PC50UU-2 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z019 20T.27.71110
UC/SP1D153 Sprocket Takeuchi TB045 9H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z319 2404N270 S02616.03100
UC/SP1D154 Sprocket CAT 304CR 9H 19T 230ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR135Z419 1584795
UC/SP1D161 Sprocket Kubota KX161-3 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z519 RD411.14430
UC/SP1D179 Sprocket Yanmar Vio50 9H 19T 230ID EXC SPROCKET UR135Z219 172119-35012
UC/SP1E115 Sprocket Kobelco SK75UR 12H 21T 265ID OS EXC SPROCKET UR154B021 2404N267
UC/SP1E139 Sprocket Komatsu PC78MR-6 14H 19T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR154K019 21W-27-41110
UC/SP1E156 Sprocket CAT 307C 12H 21T 265ID EXC SPROCKET UR154K021 21W.27.11110 KM3158
UC/SP1E178 Sprocket Komatsu PC75UU-3 12H 19T 265 EXC SPROCKET UR154Z019 21W.27.31110
UC/SP1E182 Sprocket Hitachi EX60-5 12H 21T 330ID EXC SPROCKET UR154H021 1024217
UC/SP2F128 Sprocket Kobelco SK125SR 18H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171J021 YY51D01006P1
UC/SP2F135 Sprocket Hitachi EX135UR 15H 21T 383ID EXC SPROCKET UR171H121 1028207
UC/SP2F157 Sprocket Kobelco SK100 15H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171B021 2404N271
UC/SP2F158 Sprocket CAT 311 15H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR171C02 KNA0826 4I7472
UC/SP2G144 Sprocket Komatsu PC138US 15 H 21T 360ID EXC SPROCKET 22B.27.111.20
UC/SP2G181 Sprocket Komatsu PC100-5 15 H 21T 324ID EXC SPROCKET UR175K121 203-27-61310
UC/SP2H117 Sprocket Hitachi EX200-3 16H 21T 419ID EXC SPROCKET UR190H221 1018740
UC/SP2H119 Sprocket Daewoo SL225LC-V 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190E621 108.00017
UC/SP2H120 Sprocket Hyundai R210-7 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190E521 81EM.10010
UC/SP2H126 Sprocket Kobelco SK250-6 26H 21T 410ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B221 YN51D01002P1
UC/SP2H129 Sprocket Hitachi ZX200 18H 21T 419ID EXC SPROCKET UR190H421 1033091
UC/SP2H130 Sprocket Kobelco SK260LC-8 22H 21T 402ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B321
UC/SP2H160 Sprocket Kobelco SK200-3 22H 21T 410ID EXC SPROCKET UR190B021 2404N262
UC/SP2H180 Sprocket CAT 315 22H 21T 365ID EXC SPROCKET UR190C121 CR5606
UC/SP2H183 Sprocket Komatsu PC200-3 20H 21T 475ID EXC SPROCKET UR190K121 205.27.71281
UC/SP2H184 Sprocket Komatsu PC200-5/6 20H 21T 475ID EXC SPROCKET UR190K221 20Y.27.11580digger_sprocket_uk

Mini digger and excavator Idlers

New larger selection of idler assy available from UK Construction Parts Ltd

UC/ID1S100 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio17 EXC IDLER ASSY 772448-37100
UC/ID1S101 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio20 EXC IDLER ASSY 772456-37100
UC/ID1S102 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio27/30/35-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX032Z1E 172458.37100
UC/ID1S104 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC35MR-2/3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX028Z2E 20T-30-00103
UC/ID1S108 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 305 EXC IDLER ASSY UX050C0E 240-6304
UC/ID1S120 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX161-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX050Z1E RD411-22303
UC/ID1S124 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX30 EXC IDLER ASSY UX031H0E 9101919
UC/ID1S125 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX71-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX032Z0E RD101-21300
UC/ID1S126 Idler Assy W/Brkts IHI IS30 EXC IDLER ASSY UX041Z3E
UC/ID1S127 Idler Assy W/Brkts IHI IS40 EXC IDLER ASSY UX051Z0E
UC/ID1S129 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX15 EXC IDLER ASSY UX024Z0E 9134478
UC/ID1S130 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX121-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX040Z3E RC118.21300
UC/ID1S132 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio45/55-5 EXC IDLER ASSY UX040E2E 772460-37100
UC/ID1S133 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC45MR EXC IDLER ASSY UX038K1E 20T-30-00120
UC/ID1S137 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 307C/308 EXC IDLER ASSY UX043C0E 1156336
UC/ID1S146 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kubota KX91-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX030Z0E RC411.21306
UC/ID1S147 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC18MR-2 EXC IDLER ASSY UX025K3E 20M.30.81300
UC/ID1S159 Idler Assy W/Brkts Yanmar Vio75 EXC IDLER ASSY UX043Z0E 772478.37100
UC/ID1S160 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK30/35SR-3 EXC IDLER ASSY PX52D00029F1
UC/ID1S161 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK45/50SR-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX041Z1E PY52D00015F1
UC/ID1S162 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK75UR EXC IDLER ASSY UX043B0E YT52D00002F1
UC/ID1S170 Idler Assy CAT 301.8 / Takeuchi TB016 EXC IDLER ASSY UX025Z1F 04214-01200
UC/ID1S172 Idler Assy W/Brkts Bobcat 430G / 328 EXC IDLER ASSY UX030Z6E 6814880
UC/ID2S112 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 320 EXC IDLER ASSY UX085C0E 1028151
UC/ID2S140 Idler Assy W/Brkts CAT 311/312 EXC IDLER ASSY UX068C0E 4I7337 CR7209
UC/ID2S149 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC200-7 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084K4E 20Y.30.00320
UC/ID2S153 Idler Assy W/Brkts Komatsu PC120-6 EXC IDLER ASSY UX052K0E 203.30.00130 KM2795
UC/ID2S154 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi EX120-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX068H0E 71401403
UC/ID2S156 Idler Assy W/Brkts Sumitomo SH200 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084R0E KRA0946
UC/ID2S157 Idler Assy W/Brkts Kobelco SK120 EXC IDLER ASSY UX058B0E 24100N6369F1 YY52D00007F1
UC/ID2S163 Idler Assy W/Brkts Hitachi ZX200-3 EXC IDLER ASSY UX084H1E 9089384
UC/ID2S167 Idler Assy W/Brkts Sumitomo SH125X EXC IDLER ASSY UX070T4E KMA1265