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Want to know a little more about rubber tracks? If you run a digger smaller than 7.5 ton it’s probably on rubber tracks, but did you know it's not just a black rubber band and what’s inside differs from one manufacturer to another? We have been selling rubber tracks for more than 22 years so I hope I have a very good grounding in most aspects of what you need to know to ensure you get the correct tracks for your machine each and every time!  

So for many sizes of #rubbertrack you have 4 options and that is the important stuff!

For example, the basic rubber track size of 400x72.5x74 comes in many common options and it's all to do with the undercarriage fitted to your machine. 400x72.5x74-W is a wide gauge track suitable for early Kubota machines that run a wider sprocket and idler flange, the later Kubota machines often run a 400x72.5x74-R this would be like the picture above they have a reinforced outer ridge for the outer flange bottom rollers to run on, 400x72.5x74-N is a narrow gauge track so has a smaller central gap for the sprockets to run in common on Kobelco and New Holland machines. 400x72.5x74-K is a narrow gauge track with a reinforced roller path for Komatsu machines. And even Yanmar have their own style of track the 400X72.5x74Y these have specially shaped bars in the track to ensure they fit perfectly into the sprocket design they use, so you see it's not just a case of any old track will do!

Can you put the wrong track style on a machine?

Yes you can and many of the cheaper end of the marketplace will use a one size fits all approach, but you generally find they won't last or they keep throwing the tracks off or it’s a rough ride!


Some suppliers will offer cheaper tracks that have a different internal make up, But we offer a no-compromise solution our tracks are longer lasting because we offer a continuous internal wire for strength and a rubber compound designed for the harsh UK working environment, with our many years of experience we know it pays to spend just a little more to get a more cost-effective solution in the long run. (lasting longer so a better cost-per-hour solution)


So when you're ready for your next #rubber #track why not contact the “experts” 

We also offer rubber tracks for #trackeddumpers #skidsteers #microdiggers #minidiggers #excavators 


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