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We Stock All Styles of Rubber Pads

What are excavator Rubber Pads?

The  range of rubber pads available from UK Construction Parts Ltd now represents a new investment for  future expansion  for us into the Rubber Pad market.

Using specially developed rubber compounds, Rubber pads offer the strength of steel tracks combined with the flexibility of rubber tracks ( being able to run on road surfaces without doing damage ) the Rubber Pads offer increased bonding strength, and increased wear resistance.

What does that mean for you?

This increase in flexibility giving strength and wear resistance equates to massive savings in maintenance costs with customers reporting that the pads last well in the market place. Many sets having been fitted to new Cat machines as they leave the main dealer. 

We supply Rubber Pads in 3 styles – read on for more information.


We stock a range of  bolt-on style rubber pads for machines from 5 ton up to 13 ton, and in widths from 400mm up to 500mm. These  Bolt-on pads bolt through the steel track shoe for maximum strength and durability. All pads are supplied with nuts , removal of the pads is very easy when required.



We also have large stocks of the  700mm, Clip-on pad which suits most makes and models of 13 Ton excavator on the market. These pads feature a fixed clip to one end of the pad to halve the fitting time.  The removable clip also features a recessed area for the bolt-head which prevents the clip getting knocked off when tracking close to a kerb or other raised features. These features  will allow your larger machine to be more versatile when using these rubber pads.



These direct to chain or roadliner pads bolt straight onto your existing steel chains and they are designed only for finished surfaces being a lighter weight option than bolt on or clip on pads. Still stronger than rubber tracks and proven to last longer on 7 to8 ton machines.