shipping – delivery

We try our best to ensure that all your deliveries get to you as promptly as possible but it seems at every turn these days there are barriers put in our way !

currently we have reported issues in the following areas / couriers

Tuffnells – Somerset , delays due to covid at several depots

APC  -staff shortages and delays in the following  postcode areas: SW /  W1 ~ 14 / WC / E /  N / CF  / ME / TN / EX / OL / NE / SG

Potential Disruption at French Ports ( IMPORT AND EXPORT 

Over the last few days, the news headlines have been focusing on the UK / French political relationship and the threat of possible disruption this may cause. 

It is possible that your shipments to or from France may be affected by French action at short notice. Any action would also have an affect on goods transiting France to or from Europe.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will issue updates as and when we have positive information of any action being taken. We do ask however, that you bear in mind the possible French action locking ports to UK ships, possible disruption via the channel tunnel and increasing checks by French Customs on shipments travelling inbetween the UK and France for exports and imports.

We intend to continue with our normal departure schedule. However, transit times and vehicle availability may be elongated if French action is implemented.

Sorry we hope to have better news soon



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