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Today’s top selling items

Some parts we have already sold today

  • Hitachi EX120-5 idler assy
  • Zx30 final drive
  • 531/03205 531/03208 531/03209 JCB style bucket teeth
  • KX41-3 tipping links and bucket links
  • Js130 engine stop solenoid
  • 180x72x40 rubber track
  • Ex60-2 ignition switch
  • KX36-3 idler K008-3 bottom rollers
  • Hyundai 55-3 rubber tracks 400×72.5×76
  • 332/J5060 stop solenoid JS160
  • 7411334 water pump EB22
  • Hitachi EX60-3 Hydraulic oil cooler

Some of our more interesting inquiries from this week


  • Ex30-2 final drive
  • TB016 starter motor and alternator
  • K008-3 starter motor
  • TB125 rubber tracks
  • LN00035 SH60-2 sumitomo oil cooler
  • Top roller E80MSR
  • KX161-2 rubber tracks
  • New Holland E50SR-2 top rollers and bottom rollers
  • Kubota K3 bucket teeth and side cutters
  • KX36-3 9” bucket 12” bucket 36” ditching bucket
  • SX683012 throttle cable
  • Pel job EB22.4 bottom rollers
  • 300×52.5×84 803 JCB rubber tracks
  • 32/925363
  • 12.5×80/18 rubber tyres
  • Ford 655C exhaust box
  • Neuson 1001

Buckets and Teeth


Our stock 1.5 ton machine bucket comes with a pair of K2/Kubota combined teeth & side cutters (example attached).

1.5Tonne 9 inch bucket

If you do not want teeth, we can take the side cutter teeth off, or we can make you a  bucket with a heat treated edge and heat treated strips up the side of the bucket to act as side cutters. Larger buckets will also have centre teeth, and for bigger machine they will have the large 3CX type bucket teeth.

Our stock buckets fit a wide range of machines from 750kg to 7 ton machines and ready for immediate despatch.

Please contact us with details of you machine model. If you machine has a quick hitch fitted we can still offer bucket but  will need to know type of hitch and pin sizes, centres and dipper width.