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Today’s top selling items

Some parts we have already sold today

  • Hitachi EX120-5 idler assy
  • Zx30 final drive
  • 531/03205 531/03208 531/03209 JCB style bucket teeth
  • KX41-3 tipping links and bucket links
  • Js130 engine stop solenoid
  • 180x72x40 rubber track
  • Ex60-2 ignition switch
  • KX36-3 idler K008-3 bottom rollers
  • Hyundai 55-3 rubber tracks 400×72.5×76
  • 332/J5060 stop solenoid JS160
  • 7411334 water pump EB22
  • Hitachi EX60-3 Hydraulic oil cooler

Some of the parts inquiries we have been able to help this week


  • Zx70 lower front kick pane LC4457161
  • Some JCB replacement parts 714/40216 459/10259 714/20300 714/18100 15/920208 320/08562 320/09280 320/09287 320/09244 320/09211 320/03114 320/09205
  • Rubber tracks 400×72.5×72 wide guage size 300×52.5×72 and 400×72.5×76
  • Some U35-3 rubber tracks
  • EC20B stop solenoid Volvo
  • Airman AX29U top rollers
  • Atlas SB100 breaker point
  • Atlas copco TEX250 breaker point
  • Selection of filters BF5587-D BT267 P775373 P776830 581/18063
  • Rubber tracks 180x72x37 Kobelco SK007-3
  • JLA0369 final drive
  • 05/903830 drive parts
  • ZX30 bucket ram seal kit
  • 8060 JCB final drives
  • SX3000 handbrake cable
  • Volvo EC15B sprockets suitable for 72 pitch tracks ( could be 96 version also )
  • GM06VN-B-15-27-5 final drive
  • 2005 B25V idler assy
  • Case CK62 top roller
  • JS130 sprockets , idlers and top rollers
  • 860SE fermec cab glass
  • TB016 filter kit
  • KX71-3 filters
  • Kubota K008-3 alternator
  • LS286 idler assy




Stop Solenoids

Large selection of digger stop solenoids now available  call us for best prices 01787 320313  or email info@ukconstructionparts.com


428-7583 stop solenoid ZX3000 DEUTZ
6681513 Bobcat 328D stop solenoid
6E02079 SK007-3 stop solenoid
7415748 stop solenoid EC15B
052600-1001 Stop solenoid K040
052600-4151 stop solenoid Kubota RG30
052600-4531 stop solenoid
119653-77950 STOP SOLENOID 3TNV / 3tne88-eamm
15471-60010 Stop solenoid KX040 K030
16851-60010 stop solenoid
16851-60011 stop solenoid
16851-60012 stop solenoid
16851-60013 stop solenoid
16851-60014 stop solenoid
30A8700061 engine stop solenoid 7cm / 2 wire
30A8700060 30A87-00060 30A87-00061
30A87-20402 Mitsubishi L3E stop solenoid
30A8720402 L3E stop solenoid
4409422 Stop solenoid isuzu engine
8973295680 STOP SOLENOID 89732-95680
17208-6001-2 STOP SOLENOID HD1000
119129-61850 STOP SOLENOID 24V C50R
119230-66791 C30R / C20R STOP SOLENOID
119233-77932 STOP SOLENOID SK09SR / PC09
119233-77952 ENGINE STOP SOLENOID C30R-1
119836-66800 STOP SOLENOID
129505-66791 STOP SOLENOID C30R Y
129953-77803 ENGINE STOP SOLENOID 55-3
8944533411 STOP SOLENOID
8970404151 STOP SOLENOID AX40
89718301480 STOP SOLENOID
17208-6001-5 STOP SOLENOID
1503ES-12ASUC95 Kubota Stop Solenoid D1105, V1505
1503ES-12ASUC55 Kubota Stop Solenoid D1005
17594-60014 Kubota Stop Solenoid D905
16616-60010 Kubota Stop Solenoid Bx2200
16616-60013 Kubota Stop Solenoid D1105
16616-60015 Kubota Stop Solenoid V1205
118400-61950 mower Stop Solenoid V1305
90216 Kubota Stop Solenoid V1505
17454-60010 Kubota Stop Solenoid V1505T
SA4569-T Kubota Stop Solenoid V1305E
32246 Kubota Stop Solenoid D905
SA-3776T Kubota Stop Solenoid HD1000
12ASUC55 Kubota Stop Solenoid D905
1503ES-12S5SUC95CC2 Kubota Stop Solenoid 5 Series
1503ES-12A5UC45 Kubota Stop Solenoid V2203
1G925-60011 Kubota Stop Solenoid V2003, S185
1685160014 Kubota Stop Solenoid Z482
1685160011 Kubota Stop Solenoid D662
16851-6001-4 Kubota Stop Solenoid D722
1685160010 Kubota Stop Solenoid Z482
1685160013 Kubota Stop Solenoid D662
16851-6001-0 Kubota Stop Solenoid D722
16851-6001-1 Kubota Stop Solenoid Z482
16851-6001-2 Kubota Stop Solenoid D662
052600-4530 Kubota Stop Solenoid D722
1547160010 Kubota Stop Solenoid V2203, KX161-2
15471-6001-0 Kubota Stop Solenoid KX101, KX151
V1903 Kubota Stop Solenoid R314
16271-60012 Kubota Stop Solenoid KX41-2, KX61-2,KX91-2
1C0110-60015 Kubota Stop Solenoid HSL8502-7
V3500-D1-ES01 Kubota Stop Solenoid HSL8502-7
17208-60015 Kubota Stop Solenoid U25
17208-6001-0 Kubota Stop Solenoid D1105
17208-60010 Kubota Stop Solenoid D1105
SA-4899-12 Kubota Stop Solenoid D902
1E231-60010 Kubota Stop Solenoid D902
1E231-60011 Kubota Stop Solenoid MT313
17520-60012 Kubota Stop Solenoid MT313
1E152-60011 Kubota Stop Solenoid
1A021-60015 Kubota Stop Solenoid KX91-3,U35 U45, HSL650-7
1G772-60012 Kubota Stop Solenoid
17208-60016 Kubota Stop Solenoid
119233-77931 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 3TNV76
1503es-125suc125 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 3TNV88
129486-77954 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 482,4. 82, 4TNE84
12993-77811 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 4TNE98
119807-77800 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 4TNE94,TNE98
1503es-12K5suc5s Yanmar Stop Solenoid
119653-66500 Yanmar Stop Solenoid 3TNE74, 3TNE68
FSS0014 Yanmar Stop Solenoid SK007-3
119285-77950 Yanmar Stop Solenoid TB014
119285-66500 Yanmar Stop Solenoid
YB004A Yanmar Stop Solenoid
VV11928577952 Yanmar Stop Solenoid
87801212 New Holland Stop solenoid Tractor
87616313 New Holland Stop solenoid Tractor
716/30255 JCB Stop Solenoid 3CX
332/J5060 JCB Stop Solenoid JS130, JS160, JS180
716/30091 JCB Stop Solenoid JS240, JS260
716/30201 JCB Stop Solenoid 801.4
110-6465 Cat Stop Solenoid
155-4651 CatStop Solenoid
155-4652 Cat Stop Solenoid
155-4653 Cat Stop Solenoid
125-5774 Cat Stop Solenoid
11110030P03 Volvo Stop Solenoid L180E
VOE11030821 Volvo Stop Solenoid
VOE11033615 Volvo Stop Solenoid
Voe11033645 Volvo Stop Solenoid
18003459 Volvo Stop Solenoid
59009134 Volvo Stop Solenoid
11033700 Volvo Stop Solenoid
59211169 Volvo Stop Solenoid
59184630 Volvo Stop Solenoid
59276790 Volvo Stop Solenoid
11850426 Volvo Stop Solenoid
11033954 Volvo Stop Solenoid
11715004 Volvo Stop Solenoid
20459865 Volvo Stop Solenoid
2903899 Volvo Stop Solenoid
2904956 Volvo Stop Solenoid
14527267 Volvo Stop Solenoid
561-15-47210 Volvo Stop Solenoid
897040-4151 Isuzu stop solenoid AX40
MV1-53A Isuzu stop solenoid AX40
897329-5680 Isuzu Stop Solenoid EX40U, EX55, EX58, ZX40U
8971830141 Isuzu Stop Solenoid 3DL1, 3LA, 3LB, 3LC, 3LD, 4LB
30A8700040 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid EC13, EC15, EC15B
SA-3725-12 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid EC20, EC20B, EC25
30A87-10042 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid S3L2
30A87-10044 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid EC13
30A87-00040 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid EC15
PJ7415748 Mitsubishi stop solenoid EC15B
32A87-15100 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid S4Q, S4S, S6S
32A87-05100 Mitsubishi Stop Solenoid S4Q, S4S, S6S
MM40967001 Mitsubishi stop solenoid C50
1273053C1 Mitsubishi stop solenoid C50
3428701201 Mitsubishi stop solenoid AKEL 2070
6691498 Bobcat Stop Solenoid 1503ES-12A5UC45
6689034 Bobcat Stop Solenoid S220, S250, S300, S330, T250
7000769 Bobcat Stop solenoid S160
6681512 Bobcat Stop Solenoid S150, S160, S175, S185, S300
6684826 Bobcat stop solenoid 435
6686715 bobcat stop solenoid 863, 873