The New Year

Nathan Garnett, Event Director at UK Construction Week, on why the New Year has started with a bang for UK construction:

“After the doom, gloom and uncertainty of 2016, it’s fair to say the New Year has started with something of a bang for UK construction.

On Monday, ministers confirmed that fourteen garden villages are to be built across the country, paving way for 48,000 much needed new homes.

Housing minister, Gavin Barwell, has said the development of the villages would be led by communities rather than central government, delivering new jobs, facilities and a big boost to local economies.

Furthermore, the Government this week gave the green light to local authorities to spearhead the construction of thousands of new starter homes.

The discounted homes scheme for 23 to 40-year olds will be built on brownfield sites across the country, with the first wave of thirty local authority partnerships selected for their potential to get the scheme moving quickly.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. As those of you who saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s impassionate social media post over Christmas will know, it is possible to protect the environment and the economy at the same time. For the first time, solar and wind power is now cheaper than fossil fuels, which could make fighting climate change into a profitable form of business for energy companies.

It’s been an extremely positive start to the year, and long may it continue.

Here’s to a constructive, greener 2017.”

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