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Some firms have the money to renew fleets or keep them on OEM maintenance contracts - but for most the luxury of owning and operating 'low maintenance' plant is a thing of the past.

No matter how you, or your hire customers use your excavator, it is a certainty that - sooner or later - you will need to renew the wear parts on the front end of the dipper arm. Leave it too long and pins start to wear through bushes, or bushes can begin to turn within their housings, both of which can result in damage which requires very costly boring and re-lining.

Digger pins & bushes


On a long enough timeline, even if damage does not occur, the tipping linkages and, eventually the bucket linkage will also wear.

Fortunately, UK Construction Parts Ltd offer  replacement pins bushes and linkages to suit most popular makes and model of micro, mini and full-sized excavators.

We also offer a wide  range of these front end wear parts  in the UK, so you can keep costly downtime to a minimum.

Quick reference diagram - for hassle-free ordering.

With our quick reference guide  identifying which parts you need could not be easier, please select the boom and dipper  number from pivot points, making it easy for us to know which parts you are after. Using this system, all we need to know is the make an model of your excavator and the pivot location(s) you need parts for.

This system is far faster and easier than you having to trawl through countless pages of a parts manual, noting down part numbers, saving you time as well as money. Call our sales team, anytime between 8am and 5pm with your requirements on 01787 320313 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.